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Scholas Occurrentes unveils educational revolution on world youth day in Lisbon

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Scholas Occurrentes Launches the Scholas Digital Community with Qurable Technology at World Youth Day in Lisbon . Our mission is clear: to empower young minds from diverse backgrounds and nations, igniting a transformative shift in the way they learn and grow.

Through this transformative program, participants will gain access to captivating "moments" that enrich their knowledge and personal development.

Scholas redefines the way young people learn, and the integration of Qurable technology enhances the educational revolution.

The digital community is more than just a space; it's a powerhouse of empowerment, fostering collaboration, creativity, and connection among our youth. Together, we'll create an inclusive environment, nurturing dreams and aspirations, and propelling the next generation to greatness.

With no borders limiting us, Qurable empowers scholas community at a global scale by harnessing the power of AI and blockchain Algorand protocol to level up their imagination and drive their journey to extraordinary success, fostering community greatness along the way.

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