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Qurable empowers interactions between brands, creators, and their audiences creating memorable relationships thanks to the power of Web 3.0.

Give your                                the power of web3 

Give yout brand, community, followers, audience and holders the power of web3

Everything you need to build, scale and manage loyalty programs

Connect your audience through a decentralized loyalty program, allowing customers to redeem rewards, benefits and points across multiple brands.

Flexible and seamless integration supported by blockchain-based technology.

Every brand needs to own a community.

Turn customers into a loyal community

Level up your loyalty program by delivering personalized customer experiences. Enhance brand partnership collaboration, allowing customers to redeem rewards across multiple brands based on customer behavior without sharing their personal data.



It is more expensive to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one.

Members of loyalty programs generate 12-18% more revenue growth per year than non-members.

How Qurable Works


Set your digital good to group the Community


Add benifits, rewards, points and exclusive content


Engage your community

Loyalty features

Design your customer journey to increase engagement and retention through customized loyalty features. 


Create your loyalty program and turn customers into members by tiering them by different loyalty levels.


Invite your community to special events through a recharged ticketing experience or launch paid events with a cashless benefits experience.


Generate digital memories between people who share a unique moment IRL.

Enrich it with

Align incentives between brands and customers across the physical & digital world, implementing multiplayer experience.


Offer a product or service at a promotional price.


Give away exclusive or promotional merchandise.


A series of similar tokens with different traits.

Exclusive content

Unlock exclusive content for holders.


Digital pass for a private community event.


Get your audience involve and interact with your community

Uses Cases

Get Inspired

Explore how brands and creators are enhancing their communities with Token Gated Experiences.

Image by Jason Hawke 🇨🇦

ILOVERUNN, largest runner community in Latam to launch web3 loyalty program

The program combines traditional loyalty program with online experiences and other gamified elements.
Designed to offer its loyal runners a more diverse set of rewards in a more engaging way, ILOVERUNN...

Image by Jason Hawke 🇨🇦

Government of Buenos Aires issues First Digital Diplomas (NFT Certificates)

The State of Buenos Aires issued +200 personalized NFT Certificate for young gaming developers completing the Video Game Design Certificate Program. Tokens were easily created and distributed to students and, at the...

Image by Jason Hawke 🇨🇦

Adidas Reward Marathon Finishers with personalized NFT medal and special merch

For the time in history 8.500 runners were able to get a personalized finisher medal with their name and official time certified in the blockchain. Understanding the real value of token-gated experiences...

Image by Jason Hawke 🇨🇦

SHIFTA - IT Services & Consulting - Building a culture of innovation

Building a culture of innovation is always challenging ; metaverse, blockchain , NFTs and web3 are on the hype right now and the company decided to close the year by inviting their employees to experience the web3. Using Qurable...

Image by Jason Hawke 🇨🇦

Hasbulla Magomedov influencer and crypto-native redefines fans experience

Hasbulla celebrates his community experimenting with creator´s tools on web3. 2500 Fans enjoy an incredible show and get their MEMENTO to treasure this remarkable moment and discover post-event experiences...

Image by Jason Hawke 🇨🇦

Fundación ACNUR Argentina meets web3 potential to do social good

Fundación ACNUR Argentina is committed to grown & extended their mission expecting to reach 1 million donors by the end of 2023 uplifting web3 potential. Embracing decentralization, ownership and collabo...

Image by Jason Hawke 🇨🇦

KETAMA COLLECTIVE Partnering to build future-ready businesses

Ketama Collective uses Argentinian Football Passion to test NFTs and blockchain potential. The agency created a sanctuary encouraging all Argentinian fans around the world to light an NFT Candle and write a...

Image by Jason Hawke 🇨🇦

Contemporary Latin American artist Milo Lockett access web3 and creates phygital experiences from his art

Contemporary Latin American artist Milo Lockett lands in web3 with a collection created entirely from his art ; handcrafted with more than 100 uniq...


Are you ready for the next next-gen experience?

  • Powerful Customer Contextual & Behavioral Data. 

  • MultiChain: Build contracts without code on any chain (Polygon or Ethereum).

  • Crypto or Fiat payment with credit or debit card from any place of the world.

  • Plug & Play: Integrate with your business (CRM, POS, e-commerce store) or use our self-service platform.


Best for smaller brand

BETA version

$0 / month

  • 1000 Free Tokens

  • Launch benefits & rewards to specific audiences.

  • Social Login and/or Web3 users

  • Crypto Payments

  • Admin user (1)

  • Full Minting Service

  • AirDrops

  • Benefits & rewards manage

  • Performance dashboard


Best for Enterprise needing additional support

  • 1000 Free Tokens and monthly tokens ad-hoc

  • Launch benefits & rewards to specific audiences

  • Social Login and/or Web3 users

  • FIAT & Crypto Payments

  • Admin users (unlimited)

  • Integration with CRM, POS, e-commerce store, marketing software

  • Multi-player mode: plug and play alliances.

  • Branded Coins

  • Performance dashboard


Build your loyalty program



Empowering brands and creators to connect to their existing and new audiences.

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