Qurable empowers interactions between brands, creators, and their audiences creating memorable relationships thanks to the power of Web 3.0.

Give your                                the power of web3 

Give yout brand, community, followers, audience and holders the power of web3

Grow passionate communities with
Token Gated experiences

Build meaningful relationships by delivering new engaging experiences to increase brand loyalty. Discover new targeted audiences through our token-owner platform

Every brand needs to own a community.

Turn customers into a loyal community

Level up your loyalty program through token-gated experiences: in-store benefits, rewards, perks, events and exclusive content connecting the physical and digital world.


Adidas reward Buenos Aires Marathon finishers with NFT medal and utilities

Adidas Reward Marathon Finishers with personalized NFT medal and special merch

Be creative to connect your world.


your world, creatively

Transform followers into a community by designing your membership program. Engage and reward your audience, partner with your favorite brands or collab with other creators. Reach more people and scale your community.


Creating Phygital Experiences By Miloverso

Contemporary Latin American artist Milo Lockett access web3 and creates phygital experiences from his art

How it Works

Create or import your digital collectibles

Add Experiences

Engage your community




Types of Experiences


A token to be kept as digital memorabilia for IRL moments.


Invite your community to special events through a recharged ticketing experience.


A series of digital collectibles, each with a different trait.


Offer a product or service at a promotional price.


A series of similar tokens with different traits.


Digital pass for a private community event.


Give away exclusive or promotional merchandise.

Exclusive content

Unlock exclusive content for holders.


Are you ready for the next level?

Leverage Web3 power, identify and analyze your customers contextual and behavioral data, their interest in other brands and many additional insights through their digital identity.

Go beyond expectations. Get to know your community like never before. 


BETA version

Best for smaller communities

$0 / month

  • 1000 Free Tokens

  • Launch benefits & rewards to specific audiences.

  • Social Login and/or Web3 users

  • Crypto Payments

  • Admin user (1)

  • Full Minting Service

  • AirDrops

  • Benefits & rewards manage

  • Performance dashboard


Best for Brands needing additional support

  • 1000 Free Tokens and monthly tokens ad-hoc

  • Launch benefits & rewards to specific audiences

  • Social Login and/or Web3 users

  • FIAT & Crypto Payments

  • Admin users (unlimited)

  • Integration with CRM, POS, e-commerce store, marketing software

  • Multi-player mode: plug and play alliances.

  • Branded Coins

  • Performance dashboard


Build your membership program

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